Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things I Hope Don't Make It To 2012

Yeah critical, judgmental, opinionated, yes I'm all that at times and wrapping the year up I'ma throw out a top 10 list of things I hope don't make it to 2012. This isn't a celeb bashing list so there's no wishing for less Kardashians in the new year. This is what I see done by the regular folk that always has looking at my screen like this......

So, let's not waste anymore time and dive into my "Hope I don't see you in 2012" List

10. Adults sounding like kids on FB- I always thought that as you get older certain things stopped and an automatic maturity kicks in. This is not so as I've witnessed adults (40yrs and older) littering Mr Zuckenburgs social network with the most GHETTOFIED nonsense I've ever seen in my life. You can not reclaim your youth via the Internets and informing us of your multiple baby daddy issues is well.......not a good look.

9. Indirectly Direct TMI- This is a slick one that I call the "I see what you just did" posts. The casual statements that slide in the mention of "I'm going to get a Brazilian wax" or "Damn I hate how my hair looks after a night of sex" etc,etc...... You get my point. Wanting to share something clearly private without seeming like you want that attention is no longer cute. Lets reclaim privacy again.

8. Tasteless Online Imagery- Ok, ok, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I get this, but men and women alike are violating with some of these thirsty ass bathroom photo shoot images. If that's the image you want to send to the masses then invest a few dollars and get legit shots taken. Your ass poked out or your 6 pack doesn't hide the dirty mirror or laundry behind you.

7. Fictional Social Life- I'ma need people that utilize the Social Internets and do so via mobile devices as well to be aware that FB and Twitter usual show what device your posting from. Android, Web, BB, DON'T inform the masses that your "living it up having the time of your life" when I know you're home and you dont even realize that "Via the Web" just exposed your fraudulence. Keep it real.

6. No Simping- My God I feel like some of y'all would easily risk catching a charge to get some pu$$y. Leave these women alone. If she ain't interested keep it moving. You coming out of pocket, dropping $ in her paypal, and aint even smelled the girl in person. No Bueno.

5. Less EXPERTS more FANS - One thing I can say is that the Internets are an interesting place to chop it up with sports fans. The Knicks, Giants & Yankees fan bases are massive which this true blue NY'er loves. BUT, I really hope for the pseudo Sports Analysts to fall back a bit. Opinions are great, educated talk is wonderful but if you aren't getting paid or making a living off it spare me with the "I'm always right" Sports God talk. If you were THAT on point with it you'd be on ESPN not on twitter while at the supermarket. Let's tone it down a bit.

4. Fewer Comedians - Why does everyone swear their funny? I feel like the online comedian is many times supported less by people that think their funny then people that feel that laughing and cosigning them will somehow result in a better chance of sex. Just a thought.

3. True Female Sports Fan - This relates to #5 a bit. It's funny cuz I've been on these Internets since the late 90's and many folk I saw then I see or know now. I know who is legit with their sports fandom. True support that is a year round thing during the season, pre season and off season. Now with the speed and reach of technology we have people that were NEVER riding like that for a squad online making more noise then the guys. You reciting career stat lines and season totals straight off of Google. Jacking other folks post and tweets, not for a genuine love of the game but because "guys love a girl that loves sports". Let me be real on this. We men like women that can enjoy sports with us, but if the goal is a mixture of sports and sex then your excitement shouldn't surpass ours.We don't need you as "one of the guys" Most of the women I know that legitimately love sports like that will tune guys out during the game. THAT'S REAL. My homegirl says "Don't take me out to a sports bar cause you'll get ignored all night." All I'm saying is keep your intentions pure.

2. The "N" Word - It's already known that I don't like this word but whats ill to me now is that I hear it much. much more from women then I do from guys. I continue to express that what you speak reflects what you are around. You say "N***as aint this, that and whatever" cause you fill you're area with N***AS!!! I've seen both sides of the it and I'm sorry but when I think of the ladies I know that don't communicate in that way and I think of who they keep around them, there's a connection. They deal with Men in socializing and in business. What we speak is what we are. Let's clean it up ladies.

1. Digital Insanity - What I mean by this is that we all have things that we want to improve and change, but more often then not I see us complaining about the same issues while changing nothing about how we handle those issues. Doing the same thing again and again won't return a new result. At some point you need to acknowledge that. Stop ranting to the people and sit that ass down in front of a mirror and re-evaluate what the real problems may be.


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