Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friends Must Hold To Limits As Well

I think with your friends it's natural to turn a blind eye to certain things they do. We all have pet peeves, faults etc....but have you ever been going about your business just to realize that you've let a friend slide with A LOT of questionable stuff for you real good reason? It's like well their ok around you so I'll just ignore the rest of the package? Truthfully that does neither one of you any good. Well that's been happening to me recently. Gotta take care of that for real cause folk aren't gonna change then you have to eliminate yourself from the equation.


Paige Diamond said...

Sadly enough it takes many of us to damn near get used up before the lightbulb comes on. I've had to remove myself from a few people's lives because nothing productive was coming out of the acquaintance. Every 3 months I do relationship math: if you're not adding then you're taking away from my life. Good post. Short and sweet!

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