Thursday, February 9, 2012

All "I'm Sorry's" Aren't Good......

This is what NOT to do.........

Was talking with my boy about various thing and something came up that I never really though ton but does make sense. When you're younger you never wanna hurt your peoples. Family, Friends, etc you really do your best to never cause them pain or distress. At times you find yourself feeling sorry or apologetic for something when you really shouldn't. Yes you dont want to cause pain but at a point you realize that all you can do is be you and if you remain constant with that I cant take on the views, perspectives and thoughts of others.

My boy said "I not apologizing for nothing just cause your upset if I didn't do anything wrong." 

It sounds simple but especially as I guy I think it often becomes the easier then to do to just take that on for the sake of others feeling. It can become draining if your not careful and energy is really at a premium these days.


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