Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lights On Lights Off

Had to be the strong shoulder to lean on, the ear open to hear a friends distress. When the story was more or less told to me I was asked for my thoughts on what to do next. I gave my thoughts and what I'd do if in that position. I spoke of stepping away from what her initial want vs what her head knows is needed. Made sense to us both but obviously she was apprehensive.  It was then that I realized that due to the various experiences of my past I've become an insane manager of emotion. As serious as folk swear I am you'd be surprised how much I don't really care let me re phrase that. You'd be surprised how many things I don't put much thought or emotion into during the source of a day. It's allowed me to deal with negativity in a manner most manageable for me. It also has resulted in an often time overlooked laid back style that lets me handle situations pretty easily. If something in the grand scheme of life doesn't matter then I dont think that much about what it means to the big picture. Once in my mind its placed in the disposable section I give it little after thought. It crazy how life develops. Anyone that really knows me knows I've always been sensitive. Odd that I'd now possess this ability to shut my feelings off & on as need be.

A good technique for giving rational advice or making sound business decisions. But is there a down side to it?


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