Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who Needs Control....

It's always cool to catch up with out of town pals and grab a bite to eat with some nice adult beverage. Listening to some of stories of what she had been going on in her life wasn't exactly the most positive news but the decision was made to enjoy the present moment, health and good company.

With her traveling partner holding up the room the we elected to just chill in the hotels lower level that had a nice little seating set up. Soooo, the convo continues.......about what I can't even remember. The prevailing thought was that something more interesting needs to happen. Leaning in for a kiss caught her off guard and captured the moment. Dipping in the adjacent room that fortunately was open, the kisses continued with no signal to stop from her. Slowly her hands and mouth trailed south. The eye contact complimented the oral performance well. It became all carnal instinct at that moment. Lips released me as she turned around to take up position for entry. The length of time was lost in the lustful episode...

We returned to our seats laughing a little bit and resumed more lighthearted chit chat....until another 10-15mins when I decided to set it off again. Rough and relentless again from mouth then to down south and back up top for the finish. Finally, as we sat and laughed the desk clerk on duty popped in to see what was up. The show was over but we took that the clue to call it a night. There isn't reason to everything in life. Sometimes IT just has to happen. How we all deal with this energy is an individual and personal thing but I've heard quite a few tales of when control is thrown out the window....and folk by majority call it some of the most fun they ever heard.


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