Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking Back on the Nomadness Travel Tribe 1st Anniversary Weekend

I'm a New Yorker. My heart pumps pure NY Blue and I've never apologized for it. The vast majority of things and people that I love are here. While dipping out for a vacation is always cool. I never lost sleep over the idea of "needing" to travel. As my business plans evolved they kind of pointed me in the direction of broader thinking and planning. This coincided with Evita Robinson's creation of the Nomadness Travel Tribe. This is a international community that works as backbone to much of the projects under Evie's Nomadness brand. She invited me in and early on I just stood back and watched. I took note of the world hoppers and respected their way of life but wasn't pressed to "be like them". If there's one thing about me due to a number of things I've been through is that I'm confident in who I am so it took some time but the want to branch out and travel got me too.

Not long into the existence of the Tribe Evita extended an offer to me to be a part of her inner circle, The High Council. Regardless of the fact that I may never have the most passport stamps in the world I'm always down to support Evita's work. From the point we've been laying down the foundation of what we have now.
Roughly a year later we're celebrating an anniversary. Proudly boasting 3300+ members worldwide, Nearly $13K raised independently via a 2 month kickstarter campaign, trips around the world, youth programs and so much more. To see dreams take form on the physical plane is an amazing thing. In spite of a number of set backs and lessons along the way this past weekend proved so much of what Evita has created is going exceedingly well, and all those late night convos, the questions and choices she'd bounce off me are moving in the proper direction.

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Tribe members started hitting up NY as early as this past Thursday w/ quite a few lodging at Hotel BPM who was a such a gracious sponsor for the cause and i LOVE there bathroom set up.. By the time Saturday arrived there had been a few mini meetups of Tribe members throughout New York City. I wasn't attending any of them as final details were being handled for the event. It wasn't till Saturday night that I allowed myself room to breath and get the house.

Flatbush would be the destination as media personality and Tribe member Tasty Keish had the serious backyard jump off complete with 90's hip hop classics and plenty of rum punch on deck. The release that night was much needed believe me.

Backyard BK on a beautiful Saturday night w/ the Tribe.
Check out the video below

This set things in motions for the the big gathering on Sunday. White Rabbit Lounge played host as Dj Poon laced things real proper musically. Over 150 members came through to celebrate. We laughed, joked, gave put awards, danced and without a drop on nonsense or negativity. When you have so many people that say what we dont do as a generation, what the stereotypical things are that we do this group, this collective, this Tribe defiantly laughs in the face of all that. We're doing it for real. Classy, official business on a global scale and it's just getting started.


In what was the biggest mystery of the night I won "Sexiest Jungle Brother" 2012
*JB is Tribe slang for male members*
Evita with a special enlarged copy of the Tribe feature in Ebony Mag signed by various members.

Me and fellow High Council Member Macario.
Respect the DJ!! Dj Poon handled the tune that night!
Sasha Jackson reacting to her award win.
Shout Out to the talented Tomika Anderson who wrote the Ebony Article  on the Tribe. 

Oh please believe it was a party in there!!!
Tribe Member Sheila Brown

Striking the pose w/ Sexiest Tribe Tender Award winner Sasha Jackson
*Tender is a Tribe slang for female members*

Love is Love w/ Evie and Sasha.

 If you want to see images just go here for the full gallery

Evita has some final words for the Tribe gathering.......


evierobbie said...

This is an amazing post and recap of this past weekend! Thank you for being a part of the team that keeps it all together.

Mac Sparrow said...

Good read, Heimdallr! Perfect recap of the weekend and the Tribe.

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