Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bajan Beaches, Nerd Moments and Dream Revitalization!

I'm officially back from an extended weekend in Barbados with the Omega Nexus Team. We kicked off our "Home Town" presentation in Ascended: The Omega Nexus at AnimeKon 2012 and it was a success on so many levels. We sold out of all of our books as the demand of the crowd would not let up.

The people loved the idea,concept and wanted more. When you're told every reason why folk wouldn't be into a book, what we saw this weekend was very inspiring. Not just in regards to our project but the level of talent and creativity caught me off guard for this genre. Ideas are already swirling around our heads for next years convention. The goal is make sure EVERYONE in attendance knows who we are.....

Being that it was my first time in Barbados I did a bit of sight seeing to take in the beautiful beaches. The crystal clear water was amazing and needs to be a larger part of my regular life routine. It was nice to see the Reece brothers back in their natural environment. The swell up of positive energy really did the job to recharge the guys for the mission ahead. The Omega Nexus has been a part of my life nearly 20 yrs and to see it grow, evolve and reach others with such positive reviews is that proof that you need to know the path you are on is the right one.



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