Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rambling at 12:00am?

Are a bunch of kind words better then ok words from that "someone"??.....How do you shake old habits? I need to be a better Guardian. Not have others but for myself.....Things are changing.....my lot on lie is evolving......Even my interaction w/ some friends has twisted a bit in the process.......Tribe Life......I know more then I need to know....fortunately I'm an information safe box.......what I know goes no father then me........so what happens in DR, Vermont, ATL, Houston, LA, Paris.......stays with me. Joy....Gotta watch what I do and what I say. Can't think faster then I type.......cant do what they do. Filter must not fade. This is business. So many claim to be a$$holes, jerks, etc,etc, and it's usually women. I fear that what you put out is what you will attract. And when someone decides to treat you like an a$$hole it's not gonna be a good thing. ..... Near break downs on BBM about his cheating now its all good and a "HI" is few and far between....that was a lesson learned...The homie and I did have a few laughs over some aspects of the male/female power struggle. I love all but be clear, I'm not stupid and I know what I'm doing.....sucks how useless some folk are. No, no that’s too harsh. It’s unfortunate that more people are not as resourceful as I am…this post Tour me time will be so well deserved…..gotta take worrying about the unresponsive and embrace those that do it how I like it done……If all you can do is complain about the bad with no acknowledgement of the good then I don’t trust you. You’re either living in Hell or your seriously misrepresenting life. And be clear, the people that make up that good see it.  We see it and wonder why you devote such energy to that?.......We get fed a steady diet of lies and negative stereotypes and we eat it up without a question or 2nd thought. Folk are too lazy….been bang keys and type a good game but aint lifting a finger to do nothing……What they will do is find the most asinine stories, put the mega spotlight on it and then act like that’s what “normal” people do…Oh really you just got more hits then usual for your post? Yeah your welcome......I just read something that is serious changing the way I’m viewing my current situation…….The Bball project has not been forgotten…Be clear, it sucks a bit when folk can so easily brush you after you've been down for them but don't think y'all are doing me any favors w/ the generic ass communications. Clearly I'm keeping it moving over here....I'm always learning always evolving.....


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