Sunday, September 1, 2013

Comes With The Territory......

People always mention to me "Ooooh we're cool with so many women..." as if it's some kind of weird thing. They think it's some kind of 24/7 wonder land and I never understood why. People are people. A lot of what I do and just how the chips fall out around ladies which fine. But what folk don't think about is the other stuff that comes with those interactions.

Humans are social creatures and as such we genuinely tend to pair up. That results in me not being able to interact too much with a person without assumptions being made to the depth of my relationships. I used to think this was a youth driven thing but it's actually gotten worse with age. To be honest I think social media has helped feed into many of your more juvenile characteristics. So yeah, watchers be they friend, foe or complete stranger continues to make up their own story line for me and what I must be doing with folk.

Only those that really know me or heaven forbid stop to actually ask me know that my social reality is no where near the fantasy that people envision.  And on occasion I get put into some pretty lame positions because on others assumptions and twisted imaginations. Usually for the sake of keeping the peace I just let it ride. It's often not worth the energy.

"Oh, that's what you think? You don't KNOW but you going to do what your doing based off an assumption? Ok, knock yourself out. I'll just be over here doing what I always do." 
That's usually how it goes down. And be clear, just cuz I know folk that's not some stamp of automatic loyalty. Or at the very least understand that many times there are conditions that can again put me in an interesting space with people. Nothing says "Screw you Jason." then ending up on the outs with someone because their man of the moment has an issue with me. Yeah when those instances arise I'm always the expandable piece of the equation. It used to hurt a lot now it's just part of the game. Oh well, those are the breaks...........


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