Saturday, September 7, 2013

Setting Order & Balance

I've met more folk in the past 2 years that have proven themselves to be positive additions to life then ever before. At the same time I've had to reevaluate others and where they stand. This is not about a loss of love or respect but rather a true look at how things are today. The energy may be different, the communication may have changed. It's not a bad thing just a real thing and not acting like things that were in 2003 are the same in 2013. Being honest with myself and those I affiliate with is never a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

That's just how life is. I look back at times and wonder what I ever had in common with some people. It might sound rude to them, should they read it, but it's true. Some of us grow and learn. We outgrow each other and that's not necessarily a negative thing.

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