Sunday, April 25, 2010

This wasn't part of the plan

1 month to calm down and refocus, a lil birthday love and then back to business. I guess it was foolish to think things would pan out so quickly on the unemployment front but it is what it is. Perhaps this is just me being a lil pissed at the job I thought I had on Friday that didn't pan out. Maybe. It's also the fact that I feel that my actual works have not yet lived up to the potential I've felt in me for so long. There's no panic or anything just an awareness of that time isn't a luxury that I have anymore. I need a boost of some sorts.

It will come. I just have to keep on traveling my much for plans.


Nik said...

Maybe there's something better in the works for you than you had planned for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Do worry I have been down that road before. Prayer works... I took a internship that didn't pay..and went to school on the side. Now I have a stable job..they hired me.

Trust God does things for reason..and you will find something that is the perfect fit for you.


SinfulLyo said...

aww pumpkin, don't get down on yourself. just keep a high spirit and an open mind. i'm sure something great will come your way...or you could always resort to being a sex phone operator lol.

Frankie said...

awwww JJ I hope something works out for you. I know it will.I totally agree with Nik

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