Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adjusting to the growing role of the Social Internets

I'm finding my self more and more over saturated with social media. It's a constant balancing act for someone like me who craves up to date information yet has no real desire to know EVERY thought in a friends mind. I was telling someone that no person is 100% likable. In terms of friends, we have people who agree or are similar to us on a majority of the high value points we have or common interests to warrant interaction. But even your friends, hell your family as well think things that if you knew them would turn you off.

In my opinion, before online socializing it was more likely that you wouldn't learn of this negative traits/thoughts/habits because the expressive channels were limited. You had no way to know what was on a friends mind as they sit on the toilet, party in a club or are on a date. Notice these are all examples that don't really need to have a person updating online status' but we all do it or have done it. It adds to overkill if you ask me. Without purposely trying to do so I end up with little formulas for how I deal with things.

In regards to the online world I have ratios for people. The ratio of useless vs useful, insightful vs. generic, interesting vs. stupid, etc,etc,etc....In addition to that anyone that gets on a roll of consecutive posts about the same thing may result in my cutting off my access to them for awhile. It's really nothing personal I'm just picky when it comes to communication. After awhile I say to myself "Ok I get it!!!" It's similar to how BET re runs the BET Awards 15 damn times. Eventually it does get redundant.

But anyway in the end I think we do need balance of how much we put out and how much we take in. I mean whats worst, the fact that I who you had a booty call with last night or the fact that you actually give that information out to the general public?


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