Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 11

And on the 11th day of the Blog Challenge the task was asked of my to share a letter to an EX. Well here's the thing. There was only 1 type of letter to that I've sent to an EX and it's the positive type. Technically how would I have a letter if it was sent to an ex. Hmmm, well there was this but that's not getting posted. You see when a relationship has been end with me. I was ended from the female side for the reason of seeking greener grass. When this occurred I would leave with little noise. There was no "baby please don't go". I learned early on that you don't stay where you're not wanted so I'd let my former flame live with the decision made. One of my cooping methods was poetry so instead of a letter I'll share a piece I wrote some where between 06-07.

Last nite....old images reminders of past failure.....inadequate.....unwanted......past pain that has since been buried rose up to keep me in touch with reality......C the images of ghouls,zombies and what not dont get a 2nd look from me, but there are horrific images in my past.Emotionally unsettling memories of not so long ago.....bouncing in and out of consciousness I could escape it......the cityscape of philly.......an eerie sound of large cats...wedding bells in the distance getting stronger and stronger.....indirect yet very direct symbolism of my most vulnerable times.....moments that I have come to accept but due to my mental make up,cant forget.So it happens once in a Blu Moon, an unavoidable rush of emotions.A mixture of regret,loneliness,confusion,anger and frustrations.......
But only in the nite does this occur....as the new day starts some emotional hangover remains but nothing that would be picCed up by others (save for those who read these blogs).Breath in,breath out........this is what God's given me to deal with and built me with the capability to endure.
No tears,not a drop,just the acceptance of life and the ones that got away..........but as it always does,this too will pass.

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