Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cats and Twitter Birds......

Just as I was about to write this I realized that I spoke on this topic before. This previous post unfortunately still holds true and for some reason it's really bothering me. Hopefully you've taken I moment to click the link and read what I wrote in Aug. Now back to the present, understanding that female aggression is just a fact of life I don't expect to see random ladies complimenting each other on their outfits or holding doors open for each other BUT why must the opposite negative extreme be so common place.

"I can't stand her", "Who that bi**h think she is?", "She needs to sit her ass down.", "Bi**h go kill ya self", "Bye Bi**h", "Oh you ain't Beyonce!", etc, etc, fucCin' etc... Really?? I mean really is it that serious? you have all right to express negative opinion or feelings towards something but damn must it be so over the top. I could blame reality T.V shows like Real House wives or Basketball (non)Wives but you know what, I'm not gonna do that cuz it's a cop out. This isn't the first wave of these shows so people know what type of b.s their co signing.

While going about my business on Tweetdeck the amount of filth and trash spewed from the mouths of  women I don't know and women I do know literally hurt my heart. And this is not limited to black women only. This isn't limited to rants about T.V shows. I shake my heads ladies ATTACK each other with force and venom as if they were protecting their only child. So wasted energy......And as I said before we men see it. We speak on it and it factors in big time. Nothing kills a sense of affection more then an unruly, wicked mouthed woman.....

I guess I should hold my breath to long for this behavior to change and just further embrace those I have around me that are able to avoid such acts.


evierobbie said...

I have to ask...who are you following/follows you on Twitter with all that nonsense? Cut cyber ties.

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