Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tyrese Speaks on Public Attention Seeking through Relationships

Well, well Jodi drops a few words of wisdom here that I completely agree without. While he is directly this at his "celeb" counterparts, everything he says falls in line with I have always felt was the safest and truest way to build I relationship. Check out his words via Twitter then my take on things.

    If you try and build, develop, and mold your relationship on a PUBLIC STAGE… You will welcome the spirit of opinion and it could KILL it. Love is beautiful when it’s defined and nurtured ALONE… Then when you GO PUBLIC.. What you have built PRIVATELY can’t be AFFECTED!!

    Media whores become desperate for PUBLIC APPROVAL.. People with class and tact fall back and DISCOVER .. Love is beautiful when it’s real.

    Only on their second date.. And already on the red carpet kissing and making out? Well, well.. Good luck buddy!!

    I wanna be CLEAR.. I’m not saying people should NOT live their lives and have fun!! But there are PLENTY of restaurants that don’t have Papz

    Truth be told.. There are a LOT of the media whores who actually CALL THE PAPZ and tell them where they are going.. Desperate anyone?

    I’m a very private man who happens to live a very private life. My privacy is all I OWN. I give a lot of me to the world but not EVERYTHING!

My thoughts after the Jump.....

The opening passage is what strikes me the most and the truest to what I witness on a daily basis. People must be at the loneliest they have ever been with the rate at which I see people running head long into relationships, fresh off end relationships, in the midst of clear issues with the person in question and if that is your decision then fine as an adult do that. BUT, your all of us and more so for yourself, DO IT IN PRIVATE. My god do you not see that the pattern of publicly your relationships so early on is death. Slow and almost certain death if too much is revealed. I understand that their are many ways to succeed in love but from viewing folks track records it seems to me that the elimination of PDA (Public Digital Affection) is something folk just don't wanna do.
Fall back, stop and think. Why do strangers or the most distant of associates need to see your fight and argue on FB or Twitter? Why do the "Single to Involved to Dating to Married to Complicated" in 1 month drama? What did I say previously about the hot dogs? Keep the ugly facts of making your relationship work to your safe. And to balance that, while expressing and sharing your love is great keep some of it to yourself. Doesn't it feel good to have something that is only to you and you special mate? I must be the odd ball cuz it seems folk are determined to play out every detail of their personal lives to an this faceless online audience. And I'll be honest it usually in the end it makes the guy look like an A**hole and the female looks weak and overly dependent.


evierobbie said...

My reaction to this post shows me how much I've developed and matured as a woman.
I live many parts of my life in the forefront of social media.
Yet, this present relationship is the first with a man who is on the other side of the spectrum. Nelson has taught me what it's like to be private, to not react online, and the underlying respect for the person/relationship that it shows.
You, Jason, as a friend have reinforced that through your own beliefs.

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