Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preparing For A New Chapter....Bigger & Better Things.

2010 was many year of instability, unease and adaptation. I worked 7 out of 12 months on 3-4 separate jobs. For someone that had always had steady work it was a new feeling. Now I get ready for another assignment that could very well be a launch pad for a new level of career growth (not to mention income).

Yesterday my good friend Kara surprised me with a show of support for my new position and somehow without asking me got exactly what I planned on getting myself next week.

A mean Black tie, cuff-links and pocket square set. So this is just a thank you for a the gift and a public thank you to all that have supported me. Know that it was appreciated beyond measure.


Kream said...

Awww. I am always so beyond proud of you; so a small gesture to show you how proud I am for you and your growth was needed. I am beyond blessed to call you a friend and beyond thankful that you take me on your journey called life. I love you. You deserve all that is in store for you!

DollFace said...

Very nice sir. :-)Congrats again.

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