Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Unforgettable Moments.....

Just in a different mind frame this Hump Day. 
Thinking on those moments that happen so quickly with those special people but yet linger so long.
There good. There bad. There Hard to describe. 
The moment when you realize they want to be more then just "friends"
The moment you realized you've been lied to by this same person.
The moment before that 1st kiss when you realize their not going to stop you.
The moment you see the new person that has replaced you.
The moment that call/email/text arrives and you know they want you back.
The moment you start to undress them and you know their perfectly fine with it.
The moment you realize you've been used or taken advantage of.
The moment you when you want to say more but are afraid of saying too much.
The moment you learn they were never really interested in you.
The moment you realized your feelings have moved on.

Just a few....too many to throw out but feel free to comment......


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