Friday, June 10, 2011

iSupport: Black WeBlog Awards Finalists

It's the final week for BWB Awards voting so I'm asking for support towards these a the blogs and respective movements. Check out the video above and the info below and please make your presence felt. You have until June 17th to vote. 1 vote ballet per computer.
Thank you all in advance.

Nomad•ness TV via Evita Robinson

"We're down to the last week of voting and to be honest, it's not so much about winning for me as it is to embed Nomad•ness TV in everyone's brain, and also the legitimacy that comes along with stacking up these here awards. It's all about the movement and momentum! " Evita
Best Travel Blog is Page 4, Category #28.
I attached the press release as well. (Click Here)

Goddess Intellect via Goddess Intellect (Telisha)

I am gearing up to go to the 2011 Blogging While Brown conference & first live presentation of the Black Weblog Awards in Los Angeles, the weekend of July 8-10 but I need your help! - Goddess Intellect
Best International Blog & Best Podcast Series categories.

 The Hip Hop Democrat 

I am proud to say that The Hip Hop democrat has been nominated for awards in THREE different categories for this years Black Weblog Awards. This is truly an honor, and a testament to the work that HHD continues to put in on a daily basis. We could not continue to progress without the support of our readers, and the extremely talents HHD team behind the scenes… - HHD
Best Music, Best Political & Best Hip Hop categories

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