Thursday, June 2, 2011

When That Time Comes

So what do you do when you realize a dream won’t be fulfilled? When I mission truly is impossible for you to complete. How do you let go and stop chasing. As time goes on the ability to pursue certain things starts to take a back step to real life if you’re not at a certain point. It could be a business goal, a personal objective or a person you’ve longed after. The moment when you realize something that has taken up so much of your personal energy just won’t happen, how do you feel? Despair? Relief? Can you carry on and keep it moving or will you wallow in self pity.

Just a thought, as time flies by…….


Nikks said...

Wallow for a while, if you've been trying to achieve whatever the goal is, I think you've earned the right to wallow for a limited time.

Set a new goal and keep it moving.

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