Thursday, June 2, 2011

Someone's Always Watching, But That's Not Always a Bad Thing

The world is shrinking and in turn the eyes is able to take in more and more of what is happening around it. All of our moves are seen. Some folk have a larger viewership then others but we ALL are seen. The energies you put out, the vibes you release, the path you walk may be to you a seem private but the world is aware of it. Now once the eyes capture your deeds, how it passes that off into the mind differs from person to person and it's a crap shoot if those thoughts flow into any kind of communicative form. I tell Evita all the time, that she "always has eyes watching her", which I think she has known and recently embraced more then ever. As it relates to me, I get examples, flashes of unexpected gratitude and appreciation that always come at the right time and hit the spot.

While my interpretations of Nightfall come from the outside looking in, I’m well aware that the praise, respect and love one receives from those around him speaks very highly of a man’s character.  As someone who is obviously cherished greatly by those he loves, Nightfall has earned his kudos.  - Jade

What makes this a lil different is that it's an indirect observation turned respective statement. When the people I deal with say "thank you" it's all love. It's never expected but it's understandable. But when such an exclamation comes from the friend of a friend it's a totally different type of surprise. More eyes are watching then I was aware of. And while I dip between the light and the comfort of the shadows, it's comforting to know that what is being seen by the people is a positive image.

I say all that to say this.....Click here for a touching piece brought to you by Jade Via Kream

And again I say thank you....


Kream said...

You are an amazing man. In every sense. We all see it and appreciate it. Jade's piece could not have been any more true. She hit the nail as if she's known you forever. You are a beautiful soul and we cherish you.

We love you.


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