Friday, November 25, 2011

Luda Turns Up the Voltage To Remind The Masses

There's no shortage of rappers turned actors in the game. Some do it well was the case with Tupac and is currently the case with Ice Cube. Another MC that has managed the back and forth between genres is Ludacris. After the recent success of the most recent Fast & Furious film no one would be mad if Ludacris left the rapping behind for a bit but instead he delivers a bit of shock therapy to remind the new age hip hop fans and some of its current stars just how bust he can get.

1.21 Gigawatts Back to the First Time  does just that in this 12 song collection. A nice mixture of heavy hitting club ready production and slowed out soul inspired production gives Luda the ideal backdrop to flex the lyrical versatility that has made him a force to be reckoned with over a decade. If I had to sum up the tone of this mixtape I'd say "Luda's been getting money on a few levels but new jacks dont get it twisted cuz he hasn't forgotten how to spit." The mixtape's stand out joints come when Ludacris addresses the social media chit chat of former employees Playa's Circle and upstarts Drake and Big Sean respectively on "Say it to my face" and "Big Badaboom" . What Luda does is back up his talk with less street based threats but real musical facts via his History lesson skit. Once the facts arelaid down he's free to swing away at his helpless targets. Other standouts are "I'm on Fire" w/Big K.R.I.T and the Big K.R.I.T produced "What you smoking on?" You get a nice array of music for long time Luda fans and newcomers a like.


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