Monday, December 31, 2012

What It Was, What It Is, What It Will Be....

How do you describe the year that was? 2012, presented a number of challenges, self doubt, low points and questions. Many of which weren't known to the majority of people. This was that year where I'd either break under the weight of circumstances or snap back and turn a suspect hand into a winning combination. I looked at the options before me and internally came to peace with what I want to do and what direction I plan to proceed in. I've always been about business but now though the course of 2012 I'm truly becoming business.

On a more personal side I've experienced various changes in relationships. People came, some went, some dealings improved, others soured. The ability to let go and not put so much of others stress on myself was something I've finally gotten a handle on. I love my people but sometimes their issues are solely theirs to deal with.

Keeping on the topic of relationships we have the Tribe, as I guy who had no real interest in adding too many new people to my life, the Nomadness Tribe stepped in and said "Sorry, I have different plans for you." From the jump the Tribe has presented a wave of amazing people into my life. New York is cracking with Tribe members out and about on any given night, The DMV, NJ/Philly, Texas and more have me excited to see more of the nation. Just across the border in Canada, Toronto has quickly made a place in my heart was a number of incredible Tribe and Non Tribe members. I'll definitely be up there again soon. Truthfully I could go on well into the midnight hour with my appreciation of the Tribe and doors it's opened. Travel was never that big a thing to me and now it's woven it's way into all that I have planned. Stamps and Miles in 2013.

I have family, friends and a focus that is sharper then ever. Omega Nexus, Nomadness, LonelyNites Unlimited....2013 will be about the show and prove, showing the world and proving much to myself.


Nikks said...

Nice J! Happy New Year. I know with your determination and ambition you'll have nothing but a prosperous new year. ;)

Goddess Intellect said...

Great post, major growth- Happy New Years!!!

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