Sunday, January 6, 2013

Staying Focused......

One of my biggest my personal goals for this year is to truly hold folk accountable for how they act towards me. As I gear my energy towards a number of major goals I just can't have the fickle attitudes around me. It's not a statement that I want friendships to end or anything like that but the fact is everyone doesn't deserve the same level of "ME" that I constantly give to them. It's one thing to be a busy person, I can understand that as much as anyone but it's when folk clearly have their priorities elsewhere that a change must come. The flow of energy needs to be a balanced cycle yet It's often steadily supplied by me while it gets returned in smaller random spurts from others. The true problem in this equation is ME. It's me because the folk I allow to do this are not strangers to me. I know how they are yet have always hoped adulthood would result in a change in priorities. Not so much. Age just seems to be cementing the suspect acts in place.

In the end everyone is not going to see things or do things the way I feel they should be done. Regardless of common sense, logic or just basic respect, it's important for my to remember just how different perspectives can be. So, I'm locked in on me and how I'm be doing things now. I'm looking forward to it.


Kream said...

Sounds good.

Nikks said...

"...everyone doesn't deserve the same level of "ME" that I constantly give to them..."

It's hard for a lot of folks to come to this realization! I see them give and give all the time without ever realizing what they're doing to themselves. I used to do it too, but like you I had my epiphany.

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