Monday, May 20, 2013

No One Way To Success....

I can't remember when a day has gone by that business thoughts haven't filled my mind. It's the core of what I'm focused on and where I what to be. Be it within the Nomadness Tribe, The Omega Nexus or other side ventures I've been blessed to be introduced to a number of ways to make business work. I'm proud to be a part of the next era of transitional young business folk. We're a group breaking free from the belief that the path to success and is only attainable via the road though college degrees and 9-5 jobs. Now while many have come to detest this ideology I make sure not to get to a point of speaking down on those that do pursue this way and who generally like it. As the number of entrepreneurs in my circle increases I often remind folks that not everyone is you. Not everyone is supposed to create and run their own business.

For as many people as I know doing these new exciting things professionally, I know just as many that are perfectly happy with a 9-5 in a field they like and rising their family. We need to be sure not to speak in a condescending manner or indirectly shame those that aren't doing what we do. They are often our biggest supporters. Many speak on society and use terms like "sheep" when in truth many of us come from "sheep" ourselves. They are the parents that came to the U.S and built the life that produced this generation of trend setters, often with multiple 9-5/mainstream jobs.  That's the balance we need. Creators of all kinds and consumers to support them.

I feel that your drive and goals should define you. Yet understand that those goals and how you go about getting them only apply to you. There are many ways to get it. There is no 1 definition of business these days and more importantly there are many, many roads to happiness.  


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