Monday, June 10, 2013

What's In Store Now?????

I can honestly say last week was one of the craziest, mixed bags of emotion I've ever dealt with. Nothing was simple.Everything had layers and multiple applications stress. Personal issues, business issues, BIG business issues. There were highs, lows and a ton WTF was that moments that I'm sure will pop up again.
I never in one short time span witnessed so much BITCHASSNESS in my life. The way of the cyber world, the measure of a man, the manner in which folk conduct themselves, at least online is very sickening at times. he "madness" in Nomadness was in full effect last week, but with that said, the balance was reset again and tipped in our favor with the info that was shared with me before my short Florida get away.

I have reason to be upset....perhaps even angry because there's a lot going on on a lot of levels that I dont like. Instead, I'll stop breathe and hold on to the mind frame that has served me well all year. Everything is putting itself in position for major change and success. No negativity will change that course.....


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