Friday, March 26, 2010

And here we go.......

...I find myself keeping it real P.C to avoid hurting feelings, I dont like that.Be hurt now with the truth then live with a lie....I was stood up by a girl early in high school on a summer saturday.I waited 2 hrs for her so we could go to the mall on the bus......from that point on I've had issue with waiting on females.....As I get older I'm becoming so observant of peoples actions.....people are getting lost online....their believe own press and forgetting who thhey are in real life....I had been ULTRA frustrated for the past 10 days are so but today it ended.Not cuz I had some action but that so many females I spoke too had issues to day it just drained the "need a release" feelings out of me......I have a problem with Sonogram pix online.....I should have seen Avatar a while ago.....the majority of females I LOVE outside of my family come with a male in the picture(past or present) that I do not like....maybe even hate.It my be someone that violated, might be an ex or a friend that I dont trust. I don't apologize for this feeling either. Sprint is pissing me off waiting for this new Tour ever have someone get mad at you for NOT getting mad at them. I've never understood that. I'll always avoid drama. I see more and more that LOVE is not the only thing that does into a relationship working....getting my on place will be the highlight on this year...The NExus will succeed...You ever say something important or express something that really maatters to you and the person your expressing this too just gives you the most bland/whatever type replies??? It makes talking to a wall seem inviting. The need for conversational compatibility is so serious. Yet I can listen to everything from everybody else? Smh....Evita understands this. It's funny how much she gets it. From the other side of the planet no less. I have a rule that if we're cool and I travel to your city/area I let u know I'm there. I may eliminate that rule.....Please,please have an altoid.....I insist. Outside of Jae Millz all of Young Money soun dlike variations of Wayne. Why do so many broke people came to understand how Jay-Z operates. Saying is not really isn't.No, saying No is HARD but its needed....I'm soooo focused on getting my body to another level...."jaw dropping level"...I will not let this NY housing market beat me....If you post something on Facebook why do you then "like" it as well. You dont co-sign yaself man......69 in ATL with a splash of cherry good?Doggie in NY with some Zombies??Wishful thinking I know. This Toyota mess has me all jammed up. I dont know what to look at....Ok,ok I waited like 2 months but finally saw Avatar in 3D.Great movie.Hadn't mind seeing it again. I kinda of feel like I'm back to the beginning of my blogger experience.I went through a period of high activity now it pretty quiet....oh well,in the end its still my lil space.


Anonymous said...

Nice Post... I asked some of the same Qs! It was so intriguing i couldn't stop reading ;)

evierobbie. said...

I love your stream of consciousness stuff.

Frankie said...

why would anyone have a problem with sonogram pix online? I'm not looking at you side ways with my brows ruffled or anything. I genuinely wanna know cuz I'm oblivious to alot of things.

OMGosh the Sprint fan wall on fb is FULL of angry customers! it's like the Bank of America of cell phone companies lol

man forget you! I 'like' my own statuses on facebook! I write some pretty awesome shit and I co-sign the hell out of it. I also comment before anyone else does...sometimes I even put "LMAO" at myself in the comment section. don't hate haha

NightFall914 said...

Thanks I need to let it out every so often.

Thanks now hurry home :)

LMAO!!!! Your the best!

Um as for as Sonogram pix go I guess I'm just very private and wouldnt have my unborn child or child in general online for access to just anybody. I'd email pix to folk no problem. But I guess thats just me. :P

Frankie said... wouldn't want anyone to recognize the fetus from the pic and try to kidnap it /sarcasm o_O

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