Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flava of the Month or Where did my People Go?

Blogging has always been 1st and foremost a way for me to express myself and ease my own mental tensions. Been doing it for nearly a decade. Right before the FB & Twitter explosion, blogs caught on. Everyone had one. Many people bounce around in relation to the new trends and it was blogging turn. I was leaving Myspace and its outdated blog system and came across blogspot. Through Blogspot my blogs took a shape and form. A legit corner of the Internets for me to be me. The BLVD. And low and behold others seemed to like it. There were moments that I can honestly say were fun reading comments in bunches. But, as all things do the novelty were off for most I suppose and the FB status updates and quick hitting tweets took most to new areas. And even as I now attempt to navigate these other social media for improved business. I always come back to the BLVD. It's a lot quieter these days even as the look of it has improved.

I don't know why I felt the need to reflect on things cuz I'm not stopping anytime soon. Maybe if I turned up the sex stories that would get folk interested again? Oh well. The BLVD is still on extension of LonelyNites. Thus as long as I' have me it'll have be what it's supposed to be....


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