Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Thoughts Towards The Future.

When looking for big picture life potential in a person what do you look for. Or perhaps I should ask what do you ideally want? Exit the Ideal and enter Reality. What do you see in the people around you? I’ve held this thought that I’ve already met my wife but I may not know it yet….or maybe I know it but haven’t realized it yet. Either way what do I see around me that a wife would need to have? I’m blessed to have earned the friendship of a few great women so I look at their traits and say to myself “Yeah I hope my wife has some of that.” Do women do that? Look at guy friends and analyze their husband-like potentials? I think we all very easily can say what you like in a person but as time goes on I think you too more clearly see what you don’t like and honestly realize what things you can’t or won’t compromise on that you require in your life.

I think personally, that I have such a high level of value on marriage and that type of commitment that it has me that much more patient in prepping for that stage of life. I truly intend on a one shot deal. No multiple wives for me so when it’s that time it must be right. It’s more then just Love to make it work. That’s one of the biggest life lessons that I’ve learned. There is a need for finance in romance, along with timing and desire. Interest brings you to the door, love keeps you their but there are so many other factors that make it possible to succeed. You can truly love someone that you can’t have a fully successful relationship with. How hard must that be to accept?

That’s truly why we say that there’s someone for everyone. We many times base it on the physical but that lesser attractive person may be the only one that makes you smile or the only to be able to check you when your on some b.s. There’s no script to it.


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