Monday, June 4, 2012

LoveMyBlack Interview with........ME ;)


 I had a Q&A session the Jennifer Renee of Here's the opening and hop over there site to read it in it's entirety.

 Having been involved in the marketing and promotional work field since 2000, Jason is completely aware of the hard work and dedication required to be a successful entrepreneur. Now, with the recent release of Omega Nexus Group’s “Ascended: The Omega Nexus”, Jason talks to LMB about the pros and cons of being a biz-prenuer.

Who is Jason Francis? 

 My name is Jason Francis. I am a member of the Omega Nexus Group. We are a creative Entertainment Company. I’ve been a part of this company in one fashion or another since high school. Additionally, I am Owner & CEO of LonelyNites Unlimited, which provides specialized marketing and promotion services. LonelyNites mixes both corporate and guerrilla marketing strategies because experience shows that it takes a balanced combination of standard and unconventional marketing approaches to get the job done.

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