Tuesday, January 22, 2013

They Deserve Better

There are lots of topics I have opinions on. Many I'm flexible on in terms of seeing multiple view points and angles. Recently, I've had more then a few convos about kids. My eventual desire to be a father and just parenthood in general. Within those chats always comes up my stance of planning and preparing for a child. It's often replied to with "There's never a perfect time for a child." or "I cant plan for something like that." I majority of the time consider that a cop out. I liken it to high cost purchase like a car or home. You may be in the position to put down a solid down payment but if you're not in a position to pay the monthly fees you will lose it. If you're not responsible enough to properly care for the vehicle or home it will have problems.

I owe it to my future children to be able to provide better then what I've current experienced. To do otherwise is selfish in my eyes. Yes there are exceptions but that is not what I see in today's world. I see sloppy moves covered up by the "I'm an adult" angle.

I dont buy.....I doubt I ever will.


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