Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What was "My Month" Like????

As the first day of April fades away and a 24 hr span of poorly executed April fools jokes are gone, I take a moment to reflect on the month that was.....the "Month of Me". I can say that this year was a very strong March month. My first Birthday month with me being fully entrenched in the Nomadness Tribe and please believe they showed me so much love and had a few surprises for my that definitely left me at a loss for words. Truthfully, with the monster Nomadness RV Kickstarter campaign running thru the 1st 1/2 of the month I didn't really worry about myself too much. There were people I wanted to see that I didn't. In some cases I understood why, in others I was just like -_____- but in the midst of various MIA issues a few folk, some I had kind of written off made a point to step up, apologize and really, really let me know things I have been curious about for years. When I felt under appreciated I wasn't crazy. It took yrs but being told that "Yes, Jason I took for granted the fact that you'd always be here and I'm not doing that ever again." meant a lot. As I tell people I dont do what I do for any personal gain but I'm still human. No one what's to feel that their efforts are undervalued.

So yeah, another March in the books. Full of all the fun and foolishness that life could dish out to me. April is here with warming weather (hopefully) and the Nomadness RV Tour kicking off in 2 weeks. It's only getting better.


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